With 45% of the vote, it unfortunately wasn’t enough to win the seat. It’s been a long road with thousands of Ward 7 doors knocked and hundreds of conversation had since June.

Thank you to the Ward 7 residents who opened their doors and their homes (or otherwise) to me and shared their concerns and hopes for Manchester and Ward 7. We came together across all lines of the political spectrum and were able to find so much common ground. I truly appreciate your time.

As an independent candidate, you do not have help from any party (meaning no volunteers for door knocking, hanging literature on doors, mentions or endorsements, discounted mailings, etc), so I am extremely grateful to my homegrown team: my mom, Anh, husband Rob, son Devin, sister Lynda (for phone banking from afar), the ever-amazing powerhouse Paula, Don, Bobby, Ky, Dan, Kate, Jill, Abigail, Amber-Nicole, John, Colin, Masheri, Shannon, Chris, Ryan, Mike & Cathy, Megan & Kai, Jess, Katie and Loretta.

I am so proud of what we accomplished together!


  • Over 100 additional Ward 7 voters this year (an 8% increase from the 2015 city election
  • Saw folks I personally talked to, who haven’t voted in city elections, to come out to the polls
  • Inspired new volunteers to Manchester politics
  • Had new residents come to the polls after receiving my Get Out The Vote flier
  • Met kids who were excited about their Manchester Voter Activity Guide

Manchester, I still believe in you! I’m already thinking of new projects to help Ward 7 and the city. Keep in touch and stay engaged!

Brenda Noiseux, Candidate for Manchester, NH Ward 7 Alderman 2017